Scribe Copywriting Services

“All words are pegs to hang ideas on.” –Henry Ward Beecher

Tell a Story.  We spend the majority of our lives telling and listening to stories.  The news stations often deliver mostly bad news.  Our children, well, sometimes it’s both bad and good news with them but we are always eager to share good news with others. Why?  So we can relate, learn, grow and enjoy life.  And people remember a good story.

Creating an authentic, well crafted business story invites your audience to connect with you developing a captivating and memorable encounter that lingers in their psyche, cultivating confidence, and garnering trust, fostering loyalty, and creating action. My 15+ years of sales and marketing training has helped fashion a natural “write to sell” outlook and I remain confident in delivering a quality product that hits home.

A non-profit that provides the not-so-glamorous yet direly needed drug and alcohol treatment services for people struggling with drug addiction, faces the daunting task of trying to convey to the public the importance of their work by stating the statistics of how drug addiction affects the public and how their services significantly lowers those risks (crime, traffic fatalities).  Facts and figures don’t tell me the “who, what, why, when, where and how” of this insidious problem but a former client graciously allowed me to tell an abbreviated version of her life experience that once shared with their targeted audience, achieved the desired results: increased donor base and funding dollars.  Read Portrait of Success.

The Story Muse – Copywriting Services:

  • Company Mission/Vision Statements
  • Nonprofit Marketing Communications
  • Consumer Education Brochures
  • Presentations and Proposals
  • Company Bio’s
  • Social Media Content
  • Advertisement Copy
  • Website Content/Internet Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral
  • Training Manuals & Employee Handbooks
  • Brochures and Direct Mail Pieces
  • Newsletters & Press Releases
  • Scripts and Sales Training Tools
  • Marketing & Sales Plans
  • Research, Editing & Rewrites