Direct Mail Marketing Modernized with Every Door Direct Mail

Last week I attended a seminar sponsored by the United States Postal Service (USPS) at the Hillsboro Civic Center to learn how small businesses can grow utilizing the new Every Door Direct Mail™ program offered by the USPS.

While social media advertising and marketing seems to be all the rage, many consumers, including myself, actually read direct mail pieces we receive at our home, often lured by an enticing coupon to try a product or service in our neighborhood.

Like many people I am bombarded with email newsletters, offers and advertisements and I simply can’t remember all of them, even the notoriously humorous ones – its’ digital information overload most of the time.  If I have to print out an offer, or a coupon, that’s wasting precious small business resources (ink and paper) not to mention my time.  I can’t be the only one on the planet who still enjoys going to the mailbox and reading, well, mail?

Every Door Direct Mail is an innovative new direct mail program that eliminates the need to purchase expensive name and address lists and offers delivery to ever consumer (and/or business) in your specified geographical area.    Each mail piece is then delivered via Postal Service carrier routes near your business (you can also target other zip codes/routes outside your immediate area).  In other words, each postal delivery guy/gal will be delivering your message to every consumer and/or business that is on their route.  You can select up to five zip codes per mailing.

The beauty of the program is that it’s cost effective, flexible and specific to small business.  The minimum order is 200 pieces with a maximum of 5,000 per mailing and the average postage cost for a flat piece is 14.2 cents.  Now what do I do with my five rolls of .28 cent postcard stamps?

The USPS has simplified the process and offers a handy online tool to help you through the process including the ability to calculate your postage cost, making modifications as needed.  And amazingly enough there is only one simple form to fill out, no permit required either.

Impressed by what you’ve read so far?  Don’t be, I’m just an enthusiastic messenger and hereby steer you to their website to get more information:

Tweets are “in”, so short, too many
FaceBook doesn’t guarantee we will meet
I’ve lost so many things in cyberspace
But your direct mail piece, I can hold in my hand

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  1. Every Door Direct Mail is not only for the big companies or businesses that are already well-established but this is also perfect for small business companies with little budget for marketing. This program enables them to make use of direct marketing at a rate that won’t cost too much.

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